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Jordan chinaman 1

Jordan snags one fo four chinamen from four drops with a Zerek live Prawn rigged on a 35 lb SD wind on leader

Welcome to SD Wind On Leaders!

Wind ons are ideal for the lure fisherman or woman who fishes braid line as they ensure the line runs smoothly through your runners, no more clunky knots where the mono is tied to the braid. My wind ons are manufactured from Quality Dacron and high quality mono leader material. All that is required to connect the braid is to tie a double using either a spider hitch or bimini twist. Then you can thread the doubled braid line through the loop in the wind on leader. We have used these wind ons for a number of years in the Northern Territory and found them to be reliable and robust. The wind ons are suitable for all species whether you are trolling hard bodied lures or casting soft plastics to colour changes!! My leaders come in varying lengths to suit your fishing needs. The shortest of my leaders are approx 2 metres long which enables you to tie your own snap clip or tie the mono directly to the lure using a perfection loop. Please bear in mind that knot selection is critical as the type of knot you tie could reduce the leader strength by as much as 50%.

You can see the results of some tests conducted on the wind ons at

I can also manufacture leaders of any length - please use the contact me page for a quote if differing lengths are required.

The join between the dacron and the mono is finished with whipping cotton which is then sealed with UV sensitive glue. I personally have never had one of these leaders fail me however if you find a defect and mail the item back to me I will replace it for you free of charge or arrange a refund as required.

Each leader now comes individually packed for easy access during that hot bite and each line strength is individually colour coded so you know exactly what strength leader you have on.

My leaders have been sold in the local tackle stores for the last three years and been used by a number of local fishing guides here in Darwin.

All my Leaders are delivered to you free of charge via Australia Post - there is no additional charge for postage. I welcome enquiries for bulk orders and also enquiries from dealers wishing to distribute my products.

Check out the THE SHANE DOEVY CRAB GRABBA - the safest and easiest way to handle any crab!!

Check out the latest addition to our range - I am now manufacturing fluorocarbon leaders from 8 and 10 lb designed for targeting Bream, 20 lb designed for targeting Flathead. These leaders are inserted into 30 lb Dacron to maintain a low profile. I have also introduced a fluorocarbon range of barra leaders from 30 to 60 lb fluoro in 50 lb Dacron.

I have also updated my labels so check them out int he My Products section.

I offer discounts for bulk orders - please use the Contact Us link if you require a bulk order.


We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

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