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Dundee 2/7/11

Slipped out to Dundee on Saturday 2/7/11 to take a couple of my southern mates for a fish - with big lows down in the bight it was looking promising. Found 3 or 4 boats in front of us - not too long a wait and we were on our way on pretty flat seas and soon arrived out near long lost.

It wasnt a super hot day fish wise - only saw one small mack chase my bait to the surface. Nothing looked at my sandmar all day. Only really found fish on one mark out around long lost - ended up with a nice feed of tricky snapper - some good ones - millions of little ones and heaps of bl..dy small stripeys.

Only one small bust up near long lost - small mack tuna a i think but couldnt get too close to them.

Reports from the ramp were that the macks had been ridiculous but had slowed right down. Most caught some fish but nothing awesome - some more reports froma mate in the park of share farming of crab pots - I need to come up with and anti theft device for crab pots and Ill make a killing.

Did snag 3 red emporer which are awesome looking fish - not very big but beautiful none the less..

Nothing to really stretch the wind ons from this trip but hey it was better than working and a good day on the water with mates is never a bad day.



Tricky snapper caught wide of Dundee using an 80lb wind on leader
Small red Emporer caught wide of Dundee using an 80lb wind on leader
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